Chinese porcelain LIDDED SERVING BOWLS – a 20th Century shape

This is another very satisfying shape. They were produced mainly throughout the Republic Period (1912-1949) and come in 3 main sizes – approximately 15.5cm/6”; 19.5cm/7 ½”; 26cm/10”. The smaller size is most common and the very largest size is most rare. A few may have been produced in the last years of the Qing dynasty, and a few were produced during the first part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC 1949-present).

Many were produced to order by private companies, usually as part of a larger dinner service. In general but not exclusively the patterns which are derived from the Qing period show reign marks, new patterns developed from the Qianjiang and Literati movements/palettes show company marks.

Some of them have inscriptions which provide information regarding their makers, dating, and commendations as a gift.

The following images (nearly 200 I’m afraid!) will show, in no particular order, the range of patterns and marks to be found on these lidded serving bowls. As a whole they give a good representation of the ‘daily use’ porcelain of the Republic Period – in fact there are images of Chiang Kai Shek and Madame Chiang Kai Shek eating from these wares! – shown at the end. I will note where possible if an example has a date, but otherwise this is just a visual report to feast the eyes and elucidate the considerable variation in enamelling and painting during this period.

BR0369_5 (800x240) (800x240)BR0104_5 (800x239) (800x239)BR0389_5 (800x222) (800x222)BR0848_2 (800x207) (800x207)BR0176_7 (800x202) (800x202)BR0063_3 (800x233) (800x233)BR0454_1 (800x192) (800x192)BR0321_3 (800x204) (800x204)BR0239_3 (800x198) (800x198)BR0728_5 (800x187) (800x187)

BR0596_3 (800x166) (800x166)

Dated 1937

BR_MR148_0976 (800x192) (800x192)

PRC, early

BR0300_1 (800x200) (800x200)BR0524_1 (800x181) (800x181)BR0356_5 (800x165) (800x165)BR0637_2 (800x177) (800x177)BR_MR37_0269 (800x188) (800x188)BR0822_9 (800x194) (800x194)BR0410_6 (800x183) (800x183)

BR0521_7 (800x186) (800x186)

Dated 1924

BR0282_9 (800x165) (800x165)

PRC, early

BR0768_5 (800x195) (800x195)BR0710_1 (800x187) (800x187)BR0461_5 (800x189) (800x189)BR0856_3 (800x212) (800x212)DP_1zm (800x189) (800x189)BR0708a_3 (800x192) (800x192)BR0674_5 (800x187) (800x187)BR0168_4 (800x172) (800x172)BR0759_2 (800x184) (800x184)

BR0786_5 (800x167) (800x167)

Dated 1936

BR0041_4 (800x160) (800x160)BR0784_5 (800x203) (800x203)BR_MR166_1087 (800x186) (800x186)BR_MR100_0646 (800x189) (800x189)

BR0702_1 (800x182) (800x182)

Dated 1931

BR0189_3 (800x169) (800x169)BR_MR106_0679 (800x194) (800x194)BR0719_7 (800x189) (800x189)BR0502_2 (800x175) (800x175)BR0203_1 (800x160) (800x160)BR0220_3 (800x186) (800x186)BR0621_6 (800x266) (800x266)BR0361_4 (800x172) (800x172)BR0620_4 (800x194) (800x194)

BR0706_6 (800x202) (800x202)

Dated 1934

BR0182_2 (800x183) (800x183)BR0756_2 (800x181) (800x181)BR0527_3 (800x190) (800x190)BR0550_5 (800x185) (800x185)BR0705_5 (800x199) (800x199)BR0708_5 (800x180) (800x180)BR0592_5 (800x214) (800x214)BR0655_3 (800x210) (800x210)BR0515_3 (800x190) (800x190)BR0738_1 (800x189) (800x189)BR0715_2 (800x200) (800x200)BR_MR58_0387 (800x194) (800x194)BR0721_5 (800x186) (800x186)

BR0588_7 (800x147) (800x147)

Dated 1937

BR0598_1 (800x155) (800x155)

Dated 1936

BR0131_2 (800x187) (800x187)BR0182_1 (800x178) (800x178)BR0699_2 (800x171) (800x171)BR0082_3 (800x182) (800x182)BR0293_5 (800x188) (800x188)BR0583_5 (800x174) (800x174)

BR0711_7 (800x191) (800x191)

Dated 1933

BR_MR100_0641 (800x189) (800x189)BR0481a_2 (800x183) (800x183)BR_MR139_0882 (800x180) (800x180)BR0715_5 (800x188) (800x188)BR0711_4 (800x168) (800x168)

BR0732_4 (800x147) (800x147)

Dated 1938

BR0631_2 (800x192) (800x192)

Dated 1934

BR_MR75_0501 (800x169) (800x169)

BR0721_3 (800x198) (800x198)

Dated 1933

BR0574_3 (800x193) (800x193)

BR0698_6 (800x186) (800x186)

Dated 1931

BR0842_4 (800x169) (800x169)

Dated 1944

DPExBR_012_2 (800x149) (800x149)BR0712_7 (800x189) (800x189)BR0641_1 (800x213) (800x213)BR_MR80_0536 (800x178) (800x178)BR0731_6 (800x184) (800x184)BR0700_2 (800x198) (800x198)BR0709_1 (800x176) (800x176)BR0634_2 (800x184) (800x184)BR0833_4 (800x173) (800x173)BR0877_7 (800x160) (800x160)BR0589_3 (800x203) (800x203)BR0632_6 (800x232) (800x232)DPExBR_033_3 (800x167) (800x167)BR0519_4 (800x175) (800x175)DP_1zr (800x140) (800x140)BR0489_1 (800x184) (800x184)BR_MR102_0659 (800x201) (800x201)

BR0495_1 (800x187) (800x187)

Dated 1936

BR0707_1 (800x170) (800x170)BR0342_1 (800x160) (800x160)BR0104_3 (800x217) (800x217)

BR0702_3 (800x191) (800x191)

Dated 1934

BR_MR140_0892 (800x187) (800x187)BR0438_5 (800x205) (800x205)BR0279_4 (800x150) (800x150)

BR0712_5 (800x195) (800x195)

Dated 1933

BR0640_3 (800x180) (800x180)BR0645_5 (800x213) (800x213)BR0775_4 (800x142) (800x142)BR0375_2 (800x168) (800x168)BR0279_3 (800x146) (800x146)

BR0784_4 (800x164) (800x164)

Dated 1937

BR0534_6 (800x194) (800x194)BR0802_7 (800x159) (800x159)BR0632_1 (800x154) (800x154)

BR0703_2 (800x167) (800x167)

Dated 1953, PRC

BR0706_4 (800x162) (800x162)BR0178_4 (800x183) (800x183)BR0838_3 (800x142) (800x142)BR0712_1 (800x178) (800x178)BR0701_1 (800x180) (800x180)

BR0844_1 (800x189) (800x189)

Dated 1926 or 1937

BR0700_6 (800x178) (800x178)

BR0833_7 (800x156) (800x156)

Dated 1934

BR0713_6 (800x192) (800x192)BR0858_3 (800x128) (800x128)

BR0720_1 (800x178) (800x178)

Dated 1944

BR0587_2 (800x183) (800x183)BR0732_6 (800x142) (800x142)BR0159_4 (800x178) (800x178)

BR0273_1 (800x182) (800x182)

Dated 1931

BR0702_6 (800x179) (800x179)BR0705_2 (800x141) (800x141)BR0712_2 (800x177) (800x177)BR0657_1 (800x170) (800x170)BR0732_5 (800x181) (800x181)

BR0641_5 (800x165) (800x165)

Dated 1936

BR0732_3 (800x178) (800x178)BR0586_4 (800x180) (800x180)BR0629_4 (800x188) (800x188)BR0653_1 (800x168) (800x168)BR0622_5 (800x196) (800x196)BR0324_3 (800x181) (800x181)BR0821_1 (800x191) (800x191)

BR0273_2 (800x177) (800x177)

Dated 1931

BR0178_3 (800x180) (800x180)BR0862_1 (800x174) (800x174)BR0260_1 (800x177) (800x177)BR0481_1 (800x166) (800x166)BR0661_1 (800x187) (800x187)BR0704_2 (800x141) (800x141)BR0774_6 (800x140) (800x140)BR0089_3 (800x141) (800x141)BR0729_3 (800x142) (800x142)BR0844_3 (800x197) (800x197)BR0843_5 (800x200) (800x200)BR0721_2 (800x171) (800x171)BR0843_8 (800x153) (800x153)BR0727_1 (800x165) (800x165)BR0282_1 (800x162) (800x162)

BR0689a_4 (800x126) (800x126)

Dated 1930

BR0705_3 (800x149) (800x149)BR0324_1 (800x180) (800x180)

BR0843_2 (800x184) (800x184)

Dated 1922

BR0772_6 (800x183) (800x183)

BR0783_5 (800x176) (800x176)

Dated 1931

BR0708_6 (800x175) (800x175)

Dated 1921

BR0142_4 (800x166) (800x166)

BR0843_6 (800x141) (800x141)

Dated 1935

BR0324_2 (800x177) (800x177)BR0730_3 (800x141) (800x141)BR0656_2 (800x168) (800x168)

BR0718_3 (800x164) (800x164)

Dated 1932

BR0728_4 (800x159) (800x159)

Dated 1935

BR0707_5 (800x141) (800x141)BR0159_6 (800x178) (800x178)BR0843_3 (800x151) (800x151)

BR0863_1 (800x158) (800x158)

Dated 1922

BR0123_1 (800x143) (800x143)BR0303_3 (800x125) (800x125)BR0633_5 (800x182) (800x182)BR0837_4 (800x162) (800x162)BR0159_5 (800x170) (800x170)

BR0720_3 (800x142) (800x142)

Dated 1932

BR0718_1 (800x186) (800x186)BR0719_6 (800x137) (800x137)BR0497_1 (800x147) (800x147)

BR0622_4 (800x146) (800x146)

Dated 1936

BR0586_5 (800x116) (800x116)BR0662_4 (800x140) (800x140)BR0657_5 (800x140) (800x140)BR0633_6 (800x143) (800x143)BR0596_2 (800x170) (800x170)BR0517_1 (800x140) (800x140)

BR0736_4 (800x136) (800x136)


BR0772_7 (800x151) (800x151)

BR_MR147_0975 (800x185) (800x185)


Chiang Kai Shek Bowls

Chiang Kai Shek and Madame Chiang Kai Shek, eating a meal in their home, photo taken after 1941


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